Black Jaguar

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Black Jaguar is consistently our best selling dark roast. We use a very high-quality, shade-grown green bean from Bolivia that we roast slightly darker than a typical "french-style" roast. We use a slow-roast technique that extends the roast timing but we're careful not to "bake" the coffee which would flatten the flavour profile. This is how we achieve a sweet, dark coffee that is not bitter but has a great full-bodied taste.




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    Black Jag from Creemore Coffee Co

    Posted by Katherine Van Leeuwen on 21st Jul 2020

    We've bee brewing Black Jag in our office since the fall of 2019. Robust, full body without a bitter nasty after taste. We love this roast and the group of people making this great coffee! We won't go back to big chain brands in our office!